Friday 27 September 2013

SEO Consultants And Panda And Penguin

Panda and Penguin: How the Rules Changed written by: Johnsy

For years before the infamous Panda and Penguin updates hit the web world, business people and search marketing companies exploited Google’s weaknesses in quality-assessment algorithms, posting articles that were more advertisement, rather than information, oriented. After the panda and penguin updates rolled out, a lot of business and individual websites were affected almost overnight. Search Engine Marketing Services Changed for ever. Why is this?

Google basically changed the rules of SEO through these two updates, each playing its role and complementing the other. Google panda’s objective was to separate the weak from the strong, giving priority in search results to websites with more informative content and pushing those without down the list. Google’s penguin on the other hand helped panda out by lowering the ranking rates of those websites that violated the guidelines laid out by Google’s webmaster as well as those using “black hat” SEO strategies like keyword stuffing, spinning and link schemes. This is bad online marketing which many SEO Services still utilise today

These moves by Google saw over 10% of the websites lose their rankings almost overnight. The reason was that the websites and SEO services initially focused on keywords to get higher rankings, overstuffing the information on websites with keywords. As long as people used Google as the search engine, and many did, such weak websites ranked at the bottom of the page or even in the next. For more traffic on their websites, marketers and SEO Services had to conform to Google’s Panda and Penguin guidelines, which was not an easy task and still isn’t.

Why is it not an easy task until now? The truth is panda and penguin is updated on a regular interval each month. Marketers and SEO Services have to halt what they were working on and pay close attention to the updates if they want traffic flowing in. With the high number of updates coming in an unpredictable rate, keeping track of these updates can be hard even for the best of these individuals. You have to be one very experienced SEO consultant to know what you are doing these days.

This can be annoying and bad for business. Most people nowadays look for everything on the internet, and as a wise businessperson, you know best to cut the advertising costs and meet the people where they all congregate, the internet. It is not all smooth to get traffic though, as those who get the most traffic are those ranked in the front of the page since most people do not bother navigating to the next pages. So how do you master the game (if the situation can be compared to a game) if the rules of the game are continually changing. The negative impacts it has brought on businesses and SEO services are more than the positive.

Here are some of the negative impacts of Google’s Panda and Penguin has affected businesses and the internet in general:

• It has made it hard for businesses to maintain their positions in the market.
• The regular updates make advertising slow affecting the traffic and sales.
• The regular updates also require that content in the websites be updated and rewritten from time to time, incurring more costs to the businesses and SEO websites as well. This has forced SEO consultants to scramble to grasp the next algorithmic changes in order to restore what once use to be thriving sites.

These are just some of the direct effects of Panda and Penguin on the internet world in general, and one would wonder whether it is a change for the better or for the worse.


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